Wednesday, April 30, 2008

BSOL'ers 4-Ever!

You know how sometimes seeing people or friends that you haven't seen in months or years can end up being awkward when you do?

I was glad to realize, albeit belatedly, that it wasn't like that at all when I met up with a couple classmates from my APU/BSOL program last night. Despite a 5+ month absence (after spending every single week together for a year and a half), seeing Rhonda & Mary last night felt as if no time had passed. Two of my favorite people from the cohort I was in, Rhonda & Mary never failed to support, entertain & encourage me. Last night we laughed, we shared, we gossiped (shame on us!), we encouraged, we feasted on fresh-baked bread and pasta.

It was great to see them and enjoy not only the company, but the reminder of the hard work that we did together and what was accomplished as a result of it all.

Great to see you two!

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TheWinnFamily said...

Glad you had a good time! :)