Monday, April 14, 2008

The Results, A Wedding & The Ritz

Drumroll please...The shoe-vote results are in and choice 'a' won! Also, I decided against the necklace and added hair jewelry instead.

Now on to the wedding!

The fuscia pink and lime green colors were an infusion of color against the beautiful blue skies. The groom's father married the couple in a moving and personal ceremony.

My friend Jono was in awe of his beautiful bride, Lara, who positively glowed with happiness. These two are clearly very much in love, sharing sweet whispering moments during the ceremony, absorbed in each other and the excitement of becoming husband and wife.

Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan and Lara Griffin!

My "date" Lauren and Lara's father, greeting friends and sharing his excitement.

The table and wedding favors.

The cake and my handsome little table-mate, Murray.

Lauren and I ended the evening with her boyfriend Carlos (whom I adore), and drinks at the Ritz-Carlton, where we enjoyed every drop of our deliciously expensive cocktails.
For other photos from the day, visit here.


Liz said...

I didn't know the shoes were for Jono's wedding! How wonderful!
The wedding looks like it was beautiful.
The bride and groom look so happy.
The shoes are fantastic.
I love the hair jewelry.
Nice to finally put a face with a name for Carlos.
Those better have been better drinks than the ones we had at the Hancock Building!

TheWinnFamily said...

You and L look lovely! I adore the pink and green and its so fun to see Jono so happy!! Cool pics Kel (and Hugo)!! (I heart Carlos too) :) Wish I could've been there to share in the after party...sigh, miss you girlies!!

Sarah S said...

You guys look lovely...
and seriously... I take back my thinking choice A wasn't cute... i have a hatred for sling backs... however... THEY LOOK SOO LOVELY on YOUR FEET!!! LOVE your hair jewelry

Lauren said...

Great pictures Kelly!

Jono and Lara really were SO happy... smiling non stop. I'm so happy for him.

Oh, and I heart Carlos too!

Jeremy said...

Lauren's b/f should let the beard grow a bit (im looking at the bottom left picture lol), and he could become the most interesting man in the world.

stay thirsty my friends