Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Do it. Do it for me.


I brought my mail with me to work this morning. In the stack was one larger than normal envelope with the quote "A voyage of discovery" written boldly across the front.

I like voyages! I like discovery! Eager, I opened the envelope.

And this is when I gasped. And then sighed. I gasped because the content of this envelope was an invitation to participate in something I've tried to find for years now. The sigh was for knowing I wouldn't be able to participate because of my upcoming relocation.

So would one of you become a member of the Da Camera Society and then attend one or all of the upcoming 2008-09 Chamber Music In Historic Sites performances? And take lots of pictures? I'd also appreciate rhapsodic and poetic descriptions of both the locations (historic sites around Los Angeles, including the Doheny Mansion, the Mission Inn, the Bradbury Building!) and the performances (intimate chamber music by world-renowned musicians so close you can actually read their sheet music!).

Did you know that one of my dreams is to experience Vivaldi's Four Seasons in an intimate setting just like these?



Sarah S said...

that sounds like a lot of FUN!!! Your soo good at dreaming...

TheWinnFamily said...

Am I distinguished enough to be your friend? :) I guess I did play the cello for 9 years so...and I did play Vivaldi. :)

Cheryl said...

Oh, I feel bad for you! That sounds like a wonderful experience to...well...experience and I'm sad you won't be able to do it. If I was in LA, I'd do it! Sadly, I am not. :(

skspaz said...

Kelly, would you send me information on this? I am interested in this.