Wednesday, April 16, 2008

O' the sacrifices!

I tell ya, people, if you had asked me two years ago whether I'd consider giving up my car and buying makeup from the drug store, I would have thought you had been drinking grandma's special kool-aid.

Strange how I am in fact trying to find someone to 'rent' my car until the lease is up and I used Barnes & Noble like a library to pour over Paula Begoun's "Don't Go to the Costmetics Counter Without Me" book to identify beauty products under $15 that might work for me in place of my more expensive Bobbi Brown/Laura Mercier/Nars/MAC/Smashbox/Stila makeup & Dermalogica skin care products.

But desperate times (i.e. soon-to-be living on grad school student loans) call for desperate measures and as I forecast a budget, there is simply no way to afford the lifestyle I've become accustomed to.

It kinda sucks, I confess.

But! Surprisingly I'm not nearly as devastated as I would have thought I'd be. It's as if the preceding months have been slowly, unconsciously preparing me for these moments when I have to sacrifice for my education and future career.

In the coming months as my current makeup/skincare product stash is used up, I'll be posting reviews on the drugstore items I try out, just in case any of you are interested in joining me in this endeavor, in feeling my pain, my poverty.

First item to replace...Makeup Primer. Problem is Paula's book doesn't have any reviews of primers so I'm on my own with this one unless you have a personal recommendation of one that costs less than $20. I'll probably start with Sephora brand and see how things go. Wish me luck!

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TheWinnFamily said...

Proud of you Kel! :)(I use cheap mascara from Target if it makes you feel any better!)

Kellyry said...

Mascara is actually the one makeup product that I've been unable to find an expensive brand that I love so much more than a drugstore brand, that I can justify the price. I have DiorShow, Dior's world famous mascara, but it doesn't get me nearly the compliments that L'Oreal's Voluminous does. And at $20+ cheaper, I'll stick with L'Oreal, thank you very much.

Liz said...

I LOVE L'Oreal Voluminous! I have gotten so many compliments on it!
Good for you for making the sacrifices!
I must say, most of my makeup is drugstore and it's really not so bad. I do still use my Mac powder that I love but it lasts so long, I can justify it the few times I have to buy it. And, while I am alway tempted by the beautiful Mac eye shadows, I have found my cheap drugstore ones to be almost as nice.

jen jen said...

i too love the L'Oreal Voluminous!

primer ... that is tough. i love smashbox .. but its not any cheaper. but i somehow justify it because its only $16 for the small bottle and its under $20.

b said...

On makeup primer: Because of my mommy-time-crunch, I often forget to apply it but I LOVE Origins 'A Perfect World' white tea skin guardian. It's dual duty--primer and antioxidant skin protectant.I bought the 1 oz. bottle and it's lasted me 3 years. It's got a gorgeous natural white tea fragrance.

I really love the mascara that Denise introduced me to a few months ago--Define a Lash (Maybeline)--a bright green tube.

One thing to consider is spending on the things that really last a long time--like that Nars blush you gave me 2.5 years ago still has 1/3 left!

Also, one last tip--when it comes to high quality skin care products for less $, give some natural products a chance. Several of the well-known brands carried at Health Food stores always get great ratings in tests. (Reading product reviews of 'when to save and when to splurge' as well as 'Road Tests' of products is a secret obsession of mine.

b said...

P.S. Roc skin care is highly rated among my Danish friends and you can often find it at Costco. Also, Costco carries a private labeled line of Borghese cosmetics and skin care. Amazingly cheap for high end products. And with Costco's return policy, you can return a jar that's been half used if you find it doesn't work for you.

Phoebe said...

Dare I admit that I had to look up what Makeup Primer even is?

Kristin said...

Hi Kelly,
Sonia Kashuk, the line from Target, has some really pretty, but inexpensive eyeshdows, blushes, and brushes. Not sure about a primer though...I love the smashbox and philosophy ones both...maybe you can justify that they last a long time at least? :-)

Kellyry said...

Phoeb, I'm not surprised you didn't know what makeup primer is considering you have always had amazing skin and look fabulous while wearing hardly any makeup. Lucky!

Phoebe said...

Kel, not too long ago were the days that you didn't wear any make-up and you were lovely. I think you just get used to how you look (with or without make-up) and that becomes your measuring stiick.