Thursday, April 17, 2008

Under-Eye Cream

Anyone have a good and inexpensive recommendation for this preventative cream? I've used supposedly good (read: expensive) eye creams for several years now and though I can't say it's not helping, or won't help in future years, I can't say (yet) that it is.

Now I'm curious so that means...Poll time! In your comment, please share your thoughts on the following:

  • In your opinion, does eye cream actually work to keep the area firm(er) and wrinkle-less(er)? If so, do you believe you have to spend a fortune on a "good" one?
  • Do you use it daily? If so, do you have a brand you swear by or are you still on the hunt?
  • Any recommendations for caring for the tender under-eye?
Following a recent post on a certain someone's blog about my peepers, I couldn't help but wonder*... Have all the years and money spent on NVPerricone/Bobbi Brown/Dermalogica under-eye creams done a lick of good? Heck! Not using eye cream could save me a good 6-seconds in the morning if I didn't have to carefully dab using my ring fingers, which apply the least pressure.

*Yes, that was a SATC reference.


Liz said...

I am still looking for the perfect eye cream. I have used several but never manage to stick with it because I am always running late in the morning and that extra 20 seconds feels like eternity. (Don't worry, I use moisturizer with sunscreen everyday but anything else hasn't stuck with me yet).
I have found a few that I like but I can't remember what they are right now. At best though, I have found them to really be only a temporary fix. On a bad day with super puffy eyes or dark circles, they make a difference but otherwise, I haven't found a huge change. I am sure that the moisturizing properties of these creams has some long term benefits though so it's worth the continued hunt.

DeniseMarie said...

I've used eye cream on and off over the last 5 years or so--mostly because I thought I should be using it to prevent future old lady eyes, and not because I was seeing any wrinkles or anything yet. But I was never diligent about using it and never got attached to one brand or product. Then only a couple of months ago I started noticing that the skin around my eyes was a bit drier than it used to be, and foundation or powders would settle in to these tiny little...let's call them "creases." So I started using an eye cream diligently every morning and night. Currently I'm using L'Occitane's Shea Butter Ultra Rich Eye Balm, and I love it. It has a light whipped texture and goes on smoothly. Immediately my skin looks plump and healthy and my makeup goes over it very easily and looks smooth and luverly. I'm now convinced that a daily eye cream is important, and 30 years from now we'll be thanking our youthful selves for taking that extra 10 seconds a day to gently pat pat pat around our eyes with luxurious creams and potions.

b said...

An expert told me that eye cream is totally worth it and from all my product reviews it's something worth splurging on. That being said, I talked with a Sheseido expert once who said that all that anti-aging stuff won't do anything for young women that regular moisturizer does. In fact, one recent issue of Real Simple said that reg. moisturizer is good for people who don't have lines yet.

I am currently using Origins Vitamin Eyes or something like that.

skspaz said...

I currently use Shiesado's Benefiace anti-wrinkle eye cream goop. It is expensive. It is thick. I think it's given me a tiny little pimple under my eyelid. But I keep using it gosh-darn it, because I trust stuff with Japanese names. Heck, neither Sony nor Toyota have yet let me down. (there's got to be some sort of air bag/undereye bag joke in there somewhere) Prior to spending more money than I probably needed to on eye cream, I used Oil of Olay's Radience stuff ($17 at Target). I like it... it came in a little pump bottle. And I probably lost about $6 in product because I couldn't get the rest out of the bottle and still have time left over to pat-pat-pat. This is a fatal flaw. I prefer plastic squeeze tubes or jars.

For your questions:
1. I believe it keeps the area hydrated, which in turns diminishes creases and keeps it plumper (i.e. firmer). I don't know that you have to spend a lot of money, but as my dermatologist told me, the difference between drug store products and the high-end stuff is not that the ingredients are different, it's that the amount of active ingredient is different. The cheaper stuff takes longer to be more effective. If you start using eye cream while young, you should be okay with the "cheap" stuff.
2. Yes, twice a day. I have really, really dry skin.
3. There's the whole don't sleep with your makeup on, be gentle, use your weak-o ring finger. Other than that, get regular eye check-ups. Cause all the eye cream in the world ain't gonna help with vision.