Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Road Trip: Stop #1

The clock is ticking, hours are passing, days, weeks and even months are flying by, and I realize how little time I have left to just be with people here before I move. It will surely be even longer between visits to friends and family who live outside of SoCal, so a road trip to NorCal was in order and the long holiday weekend provided extra time to make two overnight stops.

Stop #1 was to visit my aunt Gailky, uncle Greggy & cousin Summer near Sacramento. Our time together included a visit to Summer's new apartment (tres chic!) and lunch at El Torito followed by exploration of "Old Sacramento"


And a visit to the State Capital,

A 'photo shoot' with Summer who was willing to let me practice on her (wherein I made her stand by a graffiti'd trash bin and hold a McGuffey Reader, all in one day)

Followed by pizza and a movie (P&P, the 'Kiera' version), church, brunch and a trip to Borders for an early birthday present before I headed to the Bay Area (none of which was documented photographically). We packed quite a bit into 24-hours, but it was so great to spend even that brief time together. Love you Gailky, Greggy & Summy!

More Sacramento pics here.
More photo shoot with Summer pics here.


DeniseMarie said...

Summer, you look lovely as always. I especially like the one with the book--the pose is cute and you look mischievous and charming.

TheWinnFamily said...

I love how you capture all the details Kel, fun pics!!

b said...

I love these pics. Summer is SO beautiful--inside and out.