Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Reason #27 to read comments

It has recently come to my attention that there are people out there who check my blog that never actually read the comments that people write in reply to my post. What the ... ?!

I'm shocked to hear this because on nearly all the blogs I check, I read the comments. Sometimes they are variations of the same comment, ("So cute!" "My how they've grown!" "You really did create the most adorable child in all the universe!") but many times they are downright entertaining and contribute that much more to the post itself. Not that the original blog author isn't funny enough, but you just never know what wacky and/or witty thing someone else will say. It's great fun, I promise.

Reading the comments to Sarah's guest-blogger Tims' post gave me yet another reason why you should read comments:

Stuff Christians Like

HIL-AR-I-OUS. Like, laugh-out-loud, chuckle from deep down in your belly at the cringe-worthy truth of what's written, hilarious.

So, thank you commenter-James, for your contribution to my life and our online community.

Now go read comments! And if you aren't already, start commenting yourself. You just never know when your comment will make someone's work day pass that much faster. (Not that I'm checking blogs at work Boss/Dad...)


Prodigal Jon said...

First of all, thanks for mentioning my site. Second of all, I agree. On my site, stuff christians like, the comments are usually funnier and more insightful than the post. Seriously they are great. Good reminder

TheWinnFamily said...

She would never do that at work Kev, no worries.