Sunday, May 18, 2008

Places to Go: Olvera Street & Union Station

Former neighbor and longtime friend Sara P and I braved the 100F+ temperatures yesterday and took the Metro/Gold Line to Union Station and Olvera Street where we were entertained with wares from Mexico and Native American dancing.

In addition to checking off one more place on my list of Places to Go/Things to Do, Sara was a willing subject as I practiced my portrait-taking skills. See more here.


b said...

Incredible pics. Looks fun too!

TheWinnFamily said...

COOL guitar pics!!

jomo_05 said...

so I guess I am now exposing myself as one of your blog stockers....i have been reading for a while and while i have seen your photography skills turn from good, to "are you serious that you just started doing this good", your writing is what impresses me the most. some of your entries seem to launch me into an unexpected story that I wish I could keep just thought I would finally share.