Friday, May 30, 2008

Poor, poor cur-sed car

I think maybe my car is cursed. A Cal-Trans truck in a restaurant parking lot this morning certainly didn't like it when they backed into me (where I was sitting, in park, at the drive-through) and scratched my front bumper.
The Cal-Trans worker/driver tried to cajole me into acknowledging "it is just a few scratches, mostly just the paint from the truck, surely it will rub off when you wash the car" and although yes, I kindly acknowledged it was just a few scratches, as I lease the vehicle I would be responsible for repairing these "few scratches" should they not disappear when I washed the car. (And considering there was a strip of paint that came off as he tried to "rub it clean" I'm doubtful these can simply be buffed and polished.)

Name and insurance information, please!

He sighed annoyedly and walked back to his truck. I feel his pain; I'm sure it stinks to get into an accident with company property on company time, especially when it was something avoidable (by looking when he backed up). And I must admit I've accidentally backed into others, though fortunately with no damage. But alas, I will only bear responsibility for the damage I inflict upon my poor, cursed car.

UPDATE: Just got a quote from the body shop and these 'minor scratches' that were likely to rub off when I washed the car, are actually deep enough that no amount of buffing & painting will return it to it's normal state. Instead, the entire front bumper must be replaced at just over $1000. Glad it's not on my dime!


TheWinnFamily said...

SIGH. Man alive have you had car drama lately!! Sorry Kel -that BLOWS.

b said...

That car is cursed, indeed.