Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Keepin' it real

I feel like a fraud.

A big, fat fraudulent frauder.

Friends and acquaintances often remark upon my vocabulary, so I had somehow deluded myself into thinking it was in fact quite large. My first practice test/assessment in my GRE test prep book proved otherwise. I scored approximately 460 out of 800. Please keep in mind that most schools state their requirement of minimum 550 in each section, with one school claiming a required minimum combined score of 1150.

(Insert stunned, sobbing and supremely humbled image of Kelly here.)


TheWinnFamily said...

sigh...sorry Kel. :( You aren't a fraud still do have an amazing vocabulary even though the dumb GRE may temporarily say otherwise. I remember when Adam studied for that thing...ay yi yi, its no easy feat. With that said, be SO proud you are even taking it!!!

Sarah S said...

keep studying.