Friday, September 28, 2007

"Bring it Back!"

Apparently that was the mantra declared by thousands of loyal fans, and their cries were heard.

The devastating disappearance I am referring to is none other than Shakey's Bunch-a-Lunch buffet. The mojos! The pizza! The meatballs! The fried chicken! The mashed potatoes & gravy! The always-disappointing cinnamon rolls! It was a bit of KSP tradition, but with the closure of our 2 closest restaurants and the Bunch-a-Lunch buffet, we had not been in ages. Until yesterday.

A few of us more loyal fans (Kevin wasn't hungry and the other techs had already eaten) decided to head to Covina to the next closest one. Although a few of our past favorite food items are no longer available, we enjoyed it nonetheless. While not something I recommend on a weekly basis, the occasional trip to the calorie-filled/artery-clogging Bunch-a-Lunch buffet at Shakey's is worth the visit.


tims said...

Cute photo...

Phoebe said...

haven't been for years!