Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Best laid plans...

I tend to be one of those types where most decisions are carefully thought through, even if the decision is weighed in a matter of seconds. Sometimes I wonder if I should bother, though I doubt at this stage of life that I can really change the habit of a thorough assessment, however long the assessment takes.

A funny example of this was seen this afternoon. Arriving to work in the morning and upon returning from lunch, I typically roll down the front passenger & driver's side windows a couple of inches so the hot air isn't contained, making it a suffocating heat bomb when I leave. This afternoon, knowing that the car wash guys would be coming by to wash my (oh-so-dirty-black) car, I consciously considered the rolled-down-window idea. Ultimately I decided to roll down the driver's side window half way, rather than both windows a quarter of the way. My thought process considered the likelihood of the car-washers not noticing the only slightly down windows before they hosed the car down. Surely a window half way down would be noticed.......right?

My office has a nice view of my car, and thus the car-wash guys as they wash. After handing my keys to the car-wash-boss (so he could roll up my windows) I looked away from the window and continued my work. The sound of rushing water prompted me to look up and what to my wondering eyes did appear, but a car-washing assistant furiously scrambling to mop up the inside of my car after having sprayed the outside without noticing the window was down.

What's that saying again about the best laid plans of mice and men? Or am I thinking of the one about the road to you-know-where (aka. Southern California this past weekend) and good intentions?


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