Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tibetan Personality Test

I recently received an email, which included a link to a "Tibetan Personality Test." I'm a sucker for personality tests; have been for years. What amazing tools of new & interesting discoveries! And self-knowledge! And narcissism! Gotta love anything where you get to think about yourself, answer questions about yourself and read about yourself, right? Fun stuff! I have no idea what Tibet (about the country of Tibet, or the people of Tibet, or the geography of Tibet, or the food of Tibet, or, the fashion of Tibet or, well, you get the picture) has to do with cutting edge personality tests, but in case my professors in Personality Theory haven't heard about this latest development, I'll be sure to pass along the link.

So of course I took it.

From the test I learned that the ranking of a list of animals from favorite to least-favorite offered a direct correlation to the order of my priorities resulting in the following (from top priority to lowest):

Family, Love, Career, Money & Pride.

Hmmm...Ok, that's interesting. If you'd asked me seperately, I would've ranked money a lot higher. (I kid, I kid!)

Next up was a list of 5 things (dog, cat, rat, coffee, the sea) that I had to assign a single descriptive word to, which then correlated to how I view 5 other things. Resulting from question 2 I apparently view my personality as loyal, my significant other's personality as calm, my enemies as dirty, sex is interpreted as invigorating, and my life is refreshing.

Again, hmmm...Ok. I'll guess I'll accept those results.

Question 3 asked that I match certain colors with names of friends I think fit one of five colors. That can had the potential to be interesting but the result was lame, telling me how based on one friend/color match, I'd "never forget them" whereas with another friend/color match, I would "always remember them"... Two lucky friends are apparently my "twin soul" and "a true friend" so I'll leave you guessing which of you are which. (It's you, I promise!)

The final question promised to be the most revealing of all. My favorite number and day of the week told me how many people (4) I should forward the test on to and then by my favorite day of the week (Saturday) I'd have untold riches and love, or some such deep, spiritual truth. But have no fear, I'm willing to accept the lack of love or spiritual truths so as not to piss four of you off. Feel free to thank me in Nordstrom gift cards. (And instead I'll make all of you read about it here. Again, feel free to thank me in Nordstrom gift cards.)

In my expert opinion, I suggest you rush out and take the test so that you too can have a deeper understanding of who you are. And then come back here and tell me how I am your "soul twin" or the person you'll always remember and never forget.

(Image via Kaylie-Kaylie)


DeniseMarie said...

Sorry Dalai Lama, but screw you. According to your "test," I value pride more than anything else, associate my beloved husband with being sleepy, think sex is bitter, and will never forget my own mother.

T'Ru said...

Kelly, I have to tell you that your blog posts impede my ability to post myself. I get on the computer with a little bit of time, thinking that I'll post. Well, I'm usually eating when I get on the computer, so while I eat, I check a couple of blogs and then think I'll get to my own. But I never make it to my own, due to interesting and numerous posts from my friends like you. I'm not hollerin' if it sounds like it. Actually, I'm letting you know you frequently post about very thought provoking, "must comment on" types of cool. Anyway, my test results rank right up there with Denise's...Dave doesn't fit the nonchalant description the test results deemed him. And I don't actually think that sex is aromatic... :)

DeniseMarie said...

HAHAHA! Ok, Rama, thinking sex is "aromatic" is way more embarassing and funny than my "bitter" response.

Oh, and Kell, YOU are my soul twin.

Abby... the Oregonian said...

so here is mine...

money ?, i love money way more!!!

i think of me as "dirty", tim as a "smelling good", enemies as "germs", sex as "cozy" and my life as "calm"

tim was my twin soul (that's precious isn't it?)

and my wish was that my stomach wouldn't hurt anymore (i woke up with a little stomach bug), but it said my wish wouldn't come true till i sent it to "42" people (my favorite number) and sent it on "thursday" my favorite day of the week. yikes...

very amusing kelly.

Kellyry said...

D- Oh, if I had a quarter for every time your comments make me laugh out loud! I wouldn't need student loans.

Rama-I'm glad to be able to entertain you with what results from my boredom or preoccupation with myself, though if a new post does not arrive on your blog within 3 days I will send bad luck your way. I need me some Rydmans!

Ab-Precious, adorable and candy canes and cotton candy all wrapped up in sunshine yellow polka-dot wrapping paper and a voluminous pink bow. That's how sweet Tim being your soul twin is.

TheWinnFamily said...

I am your sould twin right? :)

b said...

Mine was:

I'd say that's about right.