Friday, March 14, 2008

TGIF: LOVE this idea!

I've long been of the mind that although losing a child would be absolutely unimaginably horrible, losing my husband would be even more so. In part because even more than being a mom I want to be a wife, a partner to someone else, and also because I believe the state of your relationship with your husband is so directly connected to the type of mother you are. Parenting is incredibly hard work and it seems so important to remember that we're in this together with someone else who can offer us love and companionship and wisdom (and vice-versa) so that we're not serving and loving our children out of an empty cup.

With that said, I LOVE this idea.

If I was a mother, I'd consider this for father's day to show the man in my life how much I adore him, not just as the father to my children, but as the love of my life, my partner.

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b said...

Very, very cool.

Though I agree with you, it is worth pondering why so many happy marriages break up after the loss of a child.