Thursday, March 27, 2008

E's 30th Birthday...Bluezz style

A group gathered at Red White & Bluezz last night to celebrate my friend Esther's arrival to the 30-something club. (Familiar faces may include Charlyn and her boyfriend Adam, and of course Esther & her hubby Scott.) She reached this milestone with poise, wit and sass, as is customary for this NY transplant.

Welcome to the club, E, and wishing you a wonderful 30th year to come!

PS. I loathe flash photography (at least most of the time) so please embrace the dim, slightly-blurry photos for the moments they represent.
PPS. The white chocolate beurre blanc sauce on my chicken was AMAZING. As was the sorbet trio I had for dessert. YUM.
PPPS. In case you hadn't noticed, the above image is the first photo of a slide show, which you can view by clicking on the thumbnails below the larger image, and then the numbers to change the page for more photos.

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TheWinnFamily said...

Food sounds divine, Happy Birthday Esther!