Monday, March 03, 2008

Places to Go: The San Gabriel Mission

Well, I can check off another place on my list of "Places to see/Things to do" as I--along with dozens of 4th graders and their parents--explored the San Gabriel Mission on Sunday. I learned a few interesting things:
  • Antonio the Native American was the first man buried in the first cemetary in the Los Angeles area. (At least according to the booming-voiced-Santa-look-alike tour guide.)
  • The mission, #4 of 21, was unique in that it was made from adobe.
  • It seemed so big as a child, but it's actually rather small.

You can see more pictures here. Also, if you are interested in joining me on these excursions, check the list to the left "Places to see. Things to do" and let me know so we can schedule a time that works.


TheWinnFamily said...

you're cool.

Sarah S said...

love the jumping photos...


did you know that as a first grader I would drive past a HUGE statue of Junipero Serra... and feel cool b/c he had my name?!?!

where is this place?

Kellyry said...

Sar-Hahahah! That's funny about the name thing.

San Gabriel Mission is down in San Gabriel on Mission near Ramona.

Jeremy said...

the pageant of the masters in Rolling Hills, or the one out here by me in Laguna Beach? I would do the Laguna one with you! Disneyland of course would be fun for a bunch of us to go (although I dont know about being the only guy. Oh wait what am I thinking? that would rock :) ) I was raised in Lynwood, so I have no worries about going to the Watts Towers either. Any of that downtown LA stuff works. Would you consider going to a dodger game?