Thursday, March 13, 2008

Breakfast with Audrey

Audrey came to visit me at the office and I made us some toast with butter.

Then I said something witty and entertaining and A said, "Doh! Good one Aunt Kelly!"

And then I showed her how to drink on the job. (Half vodka, half gin--gotta dilute for the little ones!)

And she agreed that was a brilliant way to start the day.


b said...

You are a wonderful aunt, Aunt Kelly. Thanks for teaching me how to drink 1.) on the job and 2.) like a real lady. Next time will you show me how to get away with surfing the Net and IM'ing without my mom finding me out? Also, my mom comes up with some pretty heinous concoctions for my hair--as the reigning queen of cute hair: HELP ME!


b said...

P.S. Thanks for always being willing to love and care for me like you do.

TheWinnFamily said...

you're a cool aunt. B thinks so too.

Sarah S said...

your a WONDERFUL auntie... AND she is SUCH a doll!