Friday, March 21, 2008

I think Easter candy is the purdiest of them all.


TheWinnFamily said...

It is fact, I have every intention of spending $8.50 on an Easter sucker today for B just b/c its cute and I want to photograph her with it. What can I say? :)

b said...

Speaking of Easter candy: you might want to disown your youngest niece after all: she doesn't like Peeps. I bought some last week and each time I gave her a small piece (which she was asking for), she freaked out and fussed, giving it back to me. I think she didn't like the gritty feeling on her fingers because she was holding it funny.

Does this have anything to do with the fact that she has a mean OCD mommy who doesn't let her play in sand boxes? Or is it because her mommy is so loving and caring that she just doesn't want her precious baby angel getting infected with worms and other diseases resulting from cat feces and such?

Where have I gone wrong? Is this the first indication that my child will definitely need therapy, like the rest of us, when she grows up?

Kellyry said...

In my professional opinion...yes. :-P But then again, couldn't we all use therapy for something or other? It wouldn't be fair to A if she missed out on that great experience of angst and soul searching, right?