Sunday, August 24, 2008

Thoughts on a Sunday evening

  • It's 6pm and I sit, listening to the Catholic church bells toll. I find myself humming along and I suddenly realize that I know the words only in Danish. My English hymn knowledge is limited to Amazing Grace and a few other classics.
  • Not for the first time since moving, I've thought how nice it is to live close to family & friends; that way there is always someone to help you connect your DVD player to your TV.
  • I can survive without cable. Though I sure do wish I didn't have to.
  • I wonder how long I'll live without lampshades on two of the lamps in my living room.
  • The humidity that's plagued the city for the past few days has passed (at least for now), and for that I am very grateful.
  • I'm in the mood for maple syrup so belgian waffles will be the lucky vehicle for the syrup for this evening's dinner.
  • Taking public transportation makes me feel like a real city girl. As does balancing a printer on my bike as I ride home from the office supply store.
  • I assume that one day I'll look back on these financially lean times (read: STRESSFUL) and be proud that I managed to survive, even without a sugar daddy. Though I sure do wish I didn't have to.


TheWinnFamily said...

I hear ya on the financial aspect! I didn't think I'd be in this spot at this stage in my life that's fo' sho'! Miss you!!!!!!!!!

Summer said...

Hey cousin! Be encouraged and know that you are unfolding a new adventure in your life! I am so envious of your intiative to move somewhere new and unknown...The experiences you will gain will last you a lifetime...PS-Thank you for your picture text! I had no idea you still remembered that was my movie! haha!...I love and miss you cousin! =)

bonny with a Y said...

i SO wish we had awesome public transportation here in L.A.

and how cool to have a bell tower nearby.....