Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Greetings from Madison, WI!

Sitting in a Honda dealership in Madison, WI (the oil-change light came on about 500 miles ago).

Just TWO HOURS away from Chicago.


I had my first reality check as we drove into Madison last night and saw the first mileage-to-Chicago sign. I really just left behind most of my family & friends and moved half-way across the country. All this time people have said how brave or adventurous I am to do something like this when I know only a handful of people there. I always brushed off their surprise/compliments but last night it suddenly occurred to me how "brave" (crazy??) a move like this is.

And then this morning the excitement returned and I'm eager to drive into Chicago myself for the first time. From what I hear, I should expect this up and down will continue for some time.

Next stop........................Chicago!


Abby... the Oregonian said...

kel, i totally understand the "brave" comment. i also never really felt brave... but, crazy, yes... yeah! almost there. being excited for you friend. love, a

Liz said...

I think that crazy is the better word for it. That's how I felt for awhile. :) Are you getting a chance to explore Madison a bit? It's kind of fun. You can go see my brother!
See you soon!!!!

TheWinnFamily said...

SO excited for you to finally get there!! You are brave but also, what an exciting change!! (I realize I can only say this b/c I too am moving so its like we're leaving each other) :)

John-Arne said...

I thought you had already arrived... Looking forward to see all the stunning pictures you have taken during your trip.

Kim said...

When I moved to Pasadena to go to Fuller I didn't know anyone, and while I lived there I met this great friend Kelly who is a joy to my life!! I pray God hooks you up with some lifelong friends soon :)