Friday, August 08, 2008

A new line item for my budget

(Could also be called, "Yet another post without a photo.")

I've decided I have to add an $8 monthly expense to my budget: Parking on the 2nd Thursday or Friday of the month.

You see, every 2nd Thursday or Friday, it's street sweeping day on either side of my street. They ticket AND then tow you (and believe me they do it; I just saw it happen!). After driving around a several block radius for almost 45 minutes (along with all the other people who raced out at 2 minutes to 9am) I gave in and paid $8 to park in a lot 2 blocks away for the next 12 hours.

So here's my plan: when the 9am-3pm restriction is lifted, I'll race out there to grab one of the primo spots right in front of my building. And then not move my car until the 2nd Thursday or Friday of the next month, at which point I'll just pay $8 to park it in that lot again for the day, and then once again, at 2:58pm, be ready to park my car on the street out front.

Oh, the delights of city living!


TheWinnFamily said...

Dang Gina! What a pain! But you're living eh? :)

Liz said...

Are you having fun yet!?!?!? :)