Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Road Trip: The final leg

With 23 hours of drive time left to Chicago, Laurie (a fellow speed demon) & I decided to get to the city in 3 days rather than 4. But not to worry, we saw plenty along the way: Mount Rushmore, Sturgis bike week, the famous Wall Drug, charming barns, never-ending corn fields, rolling hills, the Mississippi river, and more. 7 states in 3 days. Is that a record?

Day 5: From Jackson Hole, Wyoming to Nebraska to Kadoka, South Dakota, we saw history, lots of leather and Hell's Half Acre (who knew that was a real place?!).
Laurie's one request was to see Mt. Rushmore. Though not as big as I expected, it was nonetheless impressive and worth the visit.
Before leaving for my road trip, a friend insisted we stop in Wall, South Dakota to experience the famous Wall Drug. We were surprised to discover billboards advertising free ice water, 5 cent coffee and anything one could need at Wall Drug, already in Wyoming. Kitschy and chok full of western wear, tschotkes and well, junk, at least we can say we've been there!
Day 6: After an overnight in Kadoka we continued east through South Dakota (which, by the way, was quite beautiful with fields of giant sunflowers), continued into Iowa (filled with, as expected, rows and rows of corn), detoured into Minnesota (also lots of corn fields) and then through Wisconsin (old barns, rolling green hills, absolutely charming) where we stayed the night in Madison.
RoadTriptoChi_0024 RoadTriptoChi_0025
The M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I River (Anyone else have that spelling cadence in their head when about to spell the river/state?)
Day 7: Just 2 hours from Chicago, we left Madison and crossed over into my new home state of Illinois.
Our early arrival meant Laurie could see my (empty) apartment and we could indulge in a Chicago classic, Numero Uno Pizza. Like true locals, we took the EL.
Thank you, Laurie, for the company, the lead foot and the fun!

You can see a few more photos HERE.


Jeremy said...

I've got to get back to Wall Drug. It has been 15 years. The ice water is calling me back! I remember being in Billings about 6 or 7 years ago, and right by my sister's apartment was a billboard for WALL DRUG!

Phoebe said...

Not to brag, but I've totally been to Hell's Half Acre...

Sarah S said...

what an amazing trip... you gals are soo pretty even traveling!!!

TheWinnFamily said...

Fun times, fun times. Love the Mt. Rushmore pic!

Lauren said...

Great pictures, of course! Ahh... that was fun. I would've liked to have seen Mt. Rushmore, and your apartment. Wish I could've gone the rest of the way with you.

Matt said...

I have to know, what part of Nebraska did you travel through?

Great pictures for a great trip!

Matt M.

Jan said...

Fantastic pictures! Didn't you just LOVE Wisconsin?