Friday, August 08, 2008

Afternoon break

Just got back from moving my car. My expectation of getting a primo spot was not fulfilled as I discovered that what should have been an empty street was almost completely full as I walked past to the parking lot. And this was before 3pm! By the time I drove back around I almost didn't get a spot on my block. I was just telling Liz that it drives my anal, rule-following soul nuts when people break the rules and gain from it. She says I'll have to get over that.

On a positive note, 26 boxes down, only too-many-to-count to go! I started with the boxes labled 'kitchen' in hopes of clearing out the bedroom enough to actually put my bed in there. No surprise that I'm left with stacks of bakeware, platters and small appliances with no cupboard big enough to fit them in the kitchen. Perhaps I'll find a way to display them decoratively in my living room.

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