Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Singleness & Savings (Oh, and sleep.)

I came across a blog that regales the reader with tales of two "Single Suzies" in a city that does not look favorably upon the single life. Living in LA I obviously cannot claim the same stigma; after all, LA is the city (topped only by NYC, perhaps) of perpetual singleness and re-singleness. Unless you are part of a spiritual community that encourages marriage over living together, in Los Angeles there are plenty of singletons to keep you company and/or approve of your desire to eschew holy matrimony (not that I am doing the latter, on the contrary).

Anyway, back to the purpose of this post.

Being single has been on my mind a lot lately. I'm sure it has something to do with the holidays. I've always enjoyed having a boyfriend during the holidays--shopping together, spending way too much money on presents for each other, etc. It's fun and cozy.

(Which brings me to a side note: since I moved in with Ging just over a month ago, I've saved $1000! This was helped, I'm sure, by my not having a BF to buy expensive gifts for, as well as the sale of my old laptop and washer/dryer. This was not helped, however, by my holiday job at WS, where I was recently paid a whopping $77 for 2-weeks worth of work. But I digress.)

Singleness. As Abby would attest and Martha would say, "It's a good thing." I get uninterrupted sleep, bedtime when I choose, all the covers to myself, and any side of the bed I want. (Can you tell I enjoy the nighttime ritual of sleeping?) It's not actually marriage I fear will ruin this joy for me as much as the rug rats that can result from the marriage bed. I feel for my mom-friends/sisters when I hear that 4-5 uninterrupted hours is a good thing. (Seriously?! I suppose it's all relative.)

So back to single stuff. Um, I lost my train of thought, so let's recap.

Single Suzies: so funny, so true. Saving money: helped by being single. Sleep: Yeah!

The End.


TheWinnFamily said...

I do miss my sleep...thats fo' sho'

Jeremy said...

You can always buy gifts for me if you are feeling nostalgic :) I do think the Thanksgiving Dinner was sufficient!

$77 for 2 weeks? Was that before or after taxes?

Sleep is so underrated!

Sarah S said...

ummm well... M sleeps a nice 12 hours a night now... but it took him a year... sooo ... can you handle one year of very little and very interrupted sleep? ...

scstar2000 said...

amen sister. after reading your blog and abby's blog as i sit in my warm cozy bed all to myself, i find a new contentment in being single :)

Jeremy said...

Okay Okay Sarah, so sleep is overrated for parents! :)
I don't think i could handle it, but I'm sure it is all worth it! I don't know how you new parents do it.

Kim said...

Fortunately Noah sleeps from 7:30pm to 7:30 am so I usually get 8 hours of sleep :) However, there is the occasional night, like the last few nights, where he wakes up crying at some point. My husband usually goes in to rock him (bless his heart, he's the first line and doesn't wake me up unless he's up past 45 minutes!) but he's out of town this week so the middle of the night rocks have been all me - but I have loved them (pretty much). There are definite pluses to singleness, the biggest for me being the clean living space! I miss it! Oh yeah, and FREEDOM!

Phoebe said...

Yeah, I'm tired. But I was tired befor I had kids, too.