Friday, December 07, 2007

A Christmas (Tree) Story

Once upon a time, on a Thursday a long, long time ago (last week), three determined souls (Kelly, Ginger & Chris) embarked upon an adventure to the land of the Christmas trees (Home Depot).
No ordinary Christmas tree would do for these three, and so they hunted and they hunted, searching for the perfect one.
When they were nearly ready to give in, they found it. It was their destiny.Carrying it gently home in their arms (in the back of Chris's Dodge Ram truck),

they placed it in it's stand of honor and gazed upon its beauty.
And gazed and gazed for days and days (4 days) until they knew it was time to adorn the tree as was its due.
Lovingly they placed each decorative ornament and strand of light,
For a tree as fine as this must be shown to its best advantage (and turned so as to hide the bald and flat spots).
Finally! The tree was ready.
And so they gazed further upon its beauty.
When out on the roof (living room) there arose such a clatter,
Ginger sprang from her bed (hollared from her bed) to see (wondered) what was the matter.
It seemed a tree so fine, so lovingly adorned, could not bear the weight of its beauty.
And so it lay on the ground.
Ginger and Kelly knew not what to do to encourage the tree to properly show itself in all its glory.
And so the tree lay on the ground for another day.
And another...And another.
And then one day, inspired, Ginger spoke the words that coaxed the special tree back to life (figured out how to place it straight (straighter) in its stand).
And so it stands today. Proud. Adorned. Adored by all who gaze upon its beauty (facing the window so it doesn't topple over. Again.).

The End


TheWinnFamily said...


coconuts said...

Are you sure the cat didn't knock it over? Our kitty climbs to the top of the tree as if she wants to be the star!

Phoebe said...

Funny. I agree, a certain Kitty could be responsible.

For some reason this post reminds me of a certain Chirstmas tree buying and dropping off experience we had together.