Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Christmas Card Story

As I prepared and mailed my Christmas cards this year I wished there was some way to convey the reason for my choice. Since I was not able to do so in the card, I will entertain you with those delightful details here.

I chose the card for the following reasons:
A.) The cards were purchased on my October trip to Chicago.
B.) The cards were purchased at the world famous museum, The Art Institute of Chicago.
C.) The card is a parody of one of my favorite Georges Seurat paintings, "A Sunday on La Grande Jatte". I just loved all the fun little additions and changes.

The Holiday parody. The Original.

So now you know how thoughtful and deliberate I was in the choosing of my Christmas card this year. Isn't your life more complete now? Feel free to express your awe and appreciation with a comment.



Liz said...

I was with you when you picked those out. I know exactly how much thought and care you put into buying them and how excited you were to find them!!!
P.S. I got the Chicago poster from my bro for Christmas! I'm so excited to hang it up in my living room. It really is very beautiful!

Summer said...

Hey Kel! So bummed we didn't get to come down for Christmas! Miss you all so much!...And loved your cards, me and my mom both said the same thing- "These cards are so Kelly!"...Luv ya Cousin!