Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Red Pen

I just submitted my last 2 grad school applications to Denver & Portland. Woohoo! This is therefore the appropriate time to express my gratitude to my dear friend Denise.

Ode to my Editor

Essays to answer,
No clue what to write.
So crap I threw together,
In the space of one night.

Your kind honesty was tough to hear,
But I needed it so I could write something clear.
The hours you spent, I'll never know,
But your devotion to me, as pure as the snow.

So thanks, my friend, for your honest critique.
Without you, I'd have been up a creek.


DeniseMarie said...

Awh, so sweet. I'm blushing. Anything for you, Kells, and at any time.

PS: That's a pretty clever little poem, I'm impressed!

PSS: Looove the little proofreading marks. I'm going to print it and put it on my bulletin board. I could use the little shovel one a lot around here . . .

TheWinnFamily said...