Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Shopping

My beloved (and now departed) Aunt Vickie used to take my sisters & I Christmas shopping each year. Typically we'd go to Pic-N-Save (now Big Lots) and carefully choose presents for our parents and each other. In memory of Aunt Vic, I've carried on the tradition with Bailey, Samuel and Lance. I love to see how each of them chooses presents for the others, carefully spending their $20. (Well, Bailey & Samuel are very careful about spending their money. Lance is still at the age where the "one for them, one for me" concept is big, and even when he's spent all his money, he still finds things he wants (to give or receive) and so sweetly tries to convince me to fork over extra money. I told you, he's the charmer!)

This year we had to split our shopping time so Bailey and I went to Big Lots this past Thursday where I promptly forgot to document the shopping excursion until we were in the parking lot heading home.

The boys and I went shopping yesterday and headed to Dollar Tree instead (Bay & I found that Big Lots' prices had experienced a sharp rise). After choosing all of his presents within the first 3 minutes, I handed over my camera to Lance to document our time together.
This is one of the things I will miss when I move and am not living down the street from my kiddos. Hopefully we'll find other ways to continue (some version) of the tradition.


Jan said...

Gl├Ždelig jul, Kelly!
Looks like you had fun shopping :)

Phoebe said...

I was just trying to explain Pic'n'Save to some one. They had never heard of it!