Friday, December 21, 2007

Hello Saver!

My savings plan is going well since I started at the beginning of November. I even started a second savings account for the money I received for graduation and Christmas toward my future-Nikon camera. I've found that I don't really miss the money that I'm tucking away and it's fun to see the amount in the account increase.

I recently received the following savings tip from an ING Direct email that astounded me with it's simplicity:

"Save. Save much more than you spend. Spend $5 per day less than you did this year. That's more than $1800 you'll have in your pocket in 2009."

That's airfare and lodging for almost a week to a European destination! (Ok, in the off season, but still! :-)

Just thought I'd share! And if you need tips on how to budget & save well, may I suggest you contact Rama or BAM? They've got systems down that rival most Fortune 500 companies; I admire them greatly.


b said...

You go, girl! Audrey is seeing your picture right now and pointing to you with her 'I want to go to her' motion. We've missed you a million-billion tons.

It is wonderful to save and somehow so right to do so. When you go to a place like Africa and realize how little most people survive on, compared with how incredibly much we spend on the most frivolous things, it's convicting. As one person put it, 'we've won the genetic lottery by being born where we were born.' I can't help thinking that God is extremely disappointed in how little thought we Westerners give to how we spend His money; and how much good we could do for our 'neighbors' as in, 'love thy neighbor as thyself.' How much good we can do if the world if we can impose limits on our insatiable greed!

ING Direct is AWESOME. The compounding interest phenomenon is astounding.

Liz said...

You are inspiring to me! My one goal for 2008 is to get a better handle on my finances and to be more aware of what I do with my money. I always just think I don't have enough money that I can afford to save anything. But, I have a feeling that if I really look at it, I'll find that I waste a lot of money and could easily be building up a little stash for a rainy day.
It's all part of living a more simplistic life and learning to truly enjoy the things that you do have!
Merry Christmas!

Jeremy said...

I have felt very conflicted these past few months. I have been blessed with a good (at least salary wise) job, and have tried to bless others as much as possible, but it just doesn't seem like enough sometimes. Sending vs.Going: the story of my life right now.
I have ING for my HRA plan through work (Health Retirement Account-takes @ 5 bucks out of each check I think), but maybe I should check them out for my savings too?