Friday, July 06, 2007

My (former) glory

You know that one "thing" that you are known for, that you fairly regularly get compliments on? For some years now, my hair has been that thing, whether it be the cut and/or the color. I've even been told by a couple people that I'm described (at church at least) as "the girl with the cute hair."

That's always nice to hear.

Which is why my recent hair cut (scheduled deliberately the day before my big birthday so it'd be nice and fresh!), is such a disappointment. I know this obvious vanity is somewhat head-shaking-worthy, but I am sad. It's just not what I wanted. I just wanted what I had last time. Is that so hard? It was a little funky/edgy, a touch Euro, and still felt like me. But for some reason, my long-time hair stylist could not recreate the look he had done just 7 or so weeks before. We were having some communication issues. I even cried a little while sitting in the chair.

Lest I be over dramatic, I won't say that my hair is awful or anything; it's just not what I wanted. And that is disappointing. And, I suppose, a good lesson in vanity.

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Sarah S said...

friend... one word... megan ...

sad... but it does look nice... but I totally get the "not what I wanted"