Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Walk up May in May

One afternoon last week, Bailey stopped by my office after school. It was perfect timing; I needed a break. So we decided to go for a Photo Walk up May Avenue.

"What," you may ask, "is a photo walk?" I've never done one myself, but it seems to be something creative people do to inspire their photography prowess. Since I've decided that I would like to hone my own photo-taking skills, I thought I'd see how inspired I was by this walk. I can't say I was "inspired" per se, but I did learn that higher ISO isn't always a good thing.

Here are a few things we saw...

Thanks for going with me, B!

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kellkellnd said...

I've taken many walks up May, as you know. Brings back memories. That top picture of Bailey, I can see my old house in the background. It's wierd to think that there is a whole new family living there now.