Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Lillepigen is here!

FINALLY! I've been eagerly anticipating the arrival of pictures of the recent addition, a little girl born April 21 to Mary & Frederik, the Crown Prince & Princess of Denmark. And here they are! (Yes, I'm a Royal Watcher. :-)
Allow me to introduce to you lillepigen (translation: "little girl"), as yet unamed until her baptism on July 1. Big brother Christian is clearly smitten.


DeniseMarie said...

Love it! What a cutie she is, and so nice to see Frederik all settled down and domesticated. :) Isn't it odd that Joachim was the less playboy-ish brother, and yet he's the one now divorced?

Kellyry said...

Yeah, Frederik was the playboy prince, dating underwear models and pop stars and other unsuitable-to-be-queen girls. And then he found Mary. :-)

Joachim was married to Alexandra, quite the catch as well, but they divorced after having 2 sons. She has since remarried a young man, a photographer, and they seem quite happy. It must have been love cause she gave up all "Princess" rights, title, etc, when she married Martin.

Bran, Mike & Audrey said...

I've been asking around as to what lillepigens likely name will be. Here are my findings: #1. She will have many names. That's just how it is when you're royal--one of them will likely be her grandma the Queen's, Magrethe. But so far, one likely first name is 'Henriette', after Mary's mom.

Kellyry said...

Keep up the good work, on-site correspondent! (And bring me back some Royal gossip magazines, please!)