Wednesday, May 02, 2007

B.Jovi in the house

Seeing/hearing Bon Jovi last night on American Idol reminds me why his concert was, still is, and may always be my most favorite EVER. He rocks. His songs rock.

I HEART Bon Jovi.

PS. I forgot to mention A.I. in my TV Tuesday post below! I would be fine with a couple different winners, though Melinda is my front runner for being the most "ready." I think Jordan has huge talent and I really like Blake's funky be-bop style (his Bon Jovi song last night was killer!). Chris & Phil are my least faves of the groups.


Coconuts said...

Is Jon Bon Jovi getting better looking every year or what? He is shmokin' hot. Jordan should have sang his ballad "Thank you for loving me" is my favorite song and she would have knocked it out of the park! Melinda is miles above everyone else but I adore Blake and Jordan too. So sad for Chris and Phil last night....

Kellyry said...

That WOULD have been a great song ofr her. And yes, he is getting better looking every year, like a fine wine.

Sad for Phil & Chris, but both handled it very well.