Thursday, January 22, 2009

The weekend

My weekend starts late Wednesday night when class is over at 9pm. Although I suppose because I work most weekends, I don't actually have a true weekend. Oh, and that pesky homework stuff too, that's never ending and always hanging over my head. (This will always be the part of the life of the student that I dislike the most--knowing that there is always something you could be doing, whether researching for a future paper or reading ahead.)

Regardless, it feels like the weekend so I treat it as such and spend the day in a lazy way, sleeping late when I can, making a mess in my apartment and catching up on all the blogs I haven't checked for a few days. It's lovely. I'm going to go out for a while and take some pictures, maybe capture something lovely there too.


Molly W. said...

Enjoy your day, friend!

Sarah S said...

that sounds LOVELY!

it's amazing how nice it can be for our brains to just go out and shoot (with a camera or gun ;)... something...

miss you... xo