Monday, January 26, 2009

My stuff on display

For a while now I've wanted to display some of my photos in my place. I debated whether I wanted one extra-large photo, 1 large + 2 mediums, 4 mediums, 6 smalls, etc, etc. I finally decided on the 6 smalls and chose 6 photos that for various reasons stick in my head as favorites. So I bought some frames with cream mats from Bed Bath & Beyond.

And now I just need to arrange them.
This is the arrangement I'm at now, but if you have a different suggestion, offer it up! To make it simple, let's call the top left photo #1, top middle #2, top right #3, bottom left #4 and so on, and let's call the top left position A, top middle position B, etc. Got it? Good. Now tell me in what order you think they should go, or tell me you think it's fine just the way it is. If it makes any difference, this collection will likely be hung in the empty space above this table.
Muchas Gracias.


Kim said...

Livermore represent'n in the Shaw gallery!!!


Sarah S said...

love them... cows should go bottom middle... have i mentioned I love those trees... ?
nice work girl way to follow through... could you teach me that gift?

Molly W. said...

Well all know how UN-helpful I was with this task earlier so...I'll refrain from helping. :) Love the pics though!

Carol said...

I have said it on your flickr and I will say it again, I love your photos, they are always so tranquil and calm my nerves down.
Maybe you can develop a new age photography-therapy ish thing :)

Do you have fb? fb me, I have a crazy idea to share!

Katie said...

I just did the same thing with pictures from our travels, except that my frames were from Linens n Things so I can't get any more matching ones when we get more pictures. Bummer. Guess I should have gone through BB&B. Anyways, since you asked for suggestions, I might try out switching #6 and #3. That way the vases are in different rows, although I have absolutely no artistic knowledge to base that on! Your pictures are beautiful!

Kim said...

cow bottom middle
two trees top middle
move city to bottom right
move glass to top right (balances vase/flowers)