Sunday, January 04, 2009

Adios Atlanta

My final days in Atlanta were great, with lots of fun activities. We...

Caught a double feature of Bedtime Stories & Yes Man, and hung out at Petco to try and get Dude and some of his friends that my aunt is currently fostering, adopted.

We played Pictureka and watched Journey to the Center of the Earth in 3D.
We Skyped some more with Audrey & her parents and Audrey showed us how she likes to get nekkid.
We drove around and looked at Christmas lights.
We laughed as Benny (the cat who hated and hissed at me) climbed up in the Christmas tree.
We took a few Licitra family photos
Licitra Family014b
Licitra Family021b
Licitra Family089bLicitra Family038b
And a group self-portrait
Licitra Family077
We toured some of Atlanta's famous dive restaurants, like Varsity for some chili-cheese dogs
And OK Cafe (where I had the Chicken Pot Pie)
We took a trip to Ikea's moving walkway
And then things really started to get good when we went to Waffle House for breakfast. YUM!
And then we headed to Wild Animal Safari where you ride in a minivan painted like a zebra with no windows, armed with bags of special food to get up close and personal with the wild animals. This furry thing didn't seem to hunt anything except my heart, which he easily won. Isn't he precious?!
The animals would put their heads through the car windows in search of food while their drool dripped down on you. My aunt was prepared though and had armed each of us with a waterproof windbreaker.
Hello zebras!
And hi to you, funny-face
This one isn't quite tall enough to reach the window, but he's trying his best to show you he'd appreciate a nugget of food too.
A stop at Dairy Queen was in order. (Cotton Candy Blizzard for me!)
A quick trip across the Georgian border to Alabama was also on our list. (Illegal fireworks....Shhh!)
Before flying home the next morning, we finally made it to Mr. Fuji's Hibachi restuarant, which my cousin Lindsey had been dying to take me the entire time I was there. It sure was tasty!
Thanks Laur, Joe, Lindsey, Michael & Gramps, for letting me crash your Christmas! It was such a great, relaxing and memorable time.


Tims said...

GOOD LORD... those animals are hysterical!!!
love your documentation!!!

raers: rarer than the rarest

I'm lazy. not tim. sarah.

Phoebe said...

This post is making me hungry!

b said...

Fantastic photos Kelly. I LOVE the family ones.

BTW- Mike and I agree that you should look into selling some of these as stock photos for extra $$$. The cat in the Christmas tree one is a FO-Shizzle seller. Think of all the weird cat people in the world (oops, sorry Laur) who will pay booko-bucks to send out a Christmas card next year with that image on it. It's gonna be a Pet Max Depot bestseller.
Don't forget to give me my cut for the idea.
Peace out.

b said...

P.S. You could probably also get some cash for the family photos, but make sure you get waivers from the subjects. Nothing like your family being pissed that they're in a national billboard campaign about child abuse or something like that. Nothing like your family taking you to court.

Kim said...

You are simply amazing my photo friend - I love your work! I agree about the cat photo - it is a christmas card for sure!

Molly W. said...

Okay, that cat in the Christmas tree pic is GREAT/Classic, etc. Those animals are crazy, esp love the zebras! And once again, am so glad I could introduce you to and have you appreciate the cotton candy blizzard. :) skies tomorrow said...

Kelly - once agin the photo journal tells a great story - So the first furry that a cow? I looked at them and realized I needed to go back to the farm in preschool to identify my animals!