Saturday, January 10, 2009

Going through the photo files

It may come as no surprise that I frequently have my camera with me. It may also come as no surprise that I like to capture random things. (One of the comments I hear most often as I'm snapping away, "You're taking pictures of the food??" Yup. I sure am.)

Snowy Saturday mornings are perfect for going through all the photos I didn't even have time to look at after downloading them to my computer due to December busy-ness. For your amusement, here is a bit of the randomness.

Self-portraits in the reflection of a bus-shelter

A witty (& poignant) ad on the bus ("Soup. Food shouldn't feel like a luxury.")

Candied nuts at the Kris Kindle Market

This women apparently didn't realize it was snowing outside and left her winter coat, hat & mittens at home.

Beverages: Fighting a cold with a tall glass of OJ & a late-night craving for a Rootbeer Float

My birthday present from Mom & Dad: a pair of winter boots

A cookie's fortune fulfilled the next day ("A small lucky package is on it's way to you soon." Thanks, D!)

Fondue party

Art around town: American Gothic has left the farm

Breakfast special #6 from Arnold's (GREAT pancakes.)

The kids had their video games to play in the car; I had my camera.


Molly W. said...

Ooo, ok, I LOVE the first one of you and that person freezing in the snow!! Congrats on the new boots and I miss you. (ok, that last part was unrelated to this post but you know). :)

Sarah S said...

LOVE this last one... look at the glimmer of hope in your eyes... or maybe that's just the sun... ;)


mangin: a gin shot taken from a man...

Liz said...

The American Gothic statue is in front of the building that houses my new job!!! Woo Hoo!
And, I wish that I could eat fondue every week. Betwen the fondue party and the fondue at your place last weekend, that was more fondue in a month than I have ever eaten. Why don't we have it more often?!?!?!