Friday, January 09, 2009


Lauren is fun to shop with. Lauren can be dangerous to shop with due to her good taste. But not this time! Bargains were found, baby, bargains.

Much needed lampshades for my poor lamps that have stood shade-less in my windows for months, marking me the the poor-white-trash of the building. ($9 at Urban Outfitters! While not ideal for my future dream home, they are just right for my current space.) AND a rug from Crate & Barrel for less than 1/3 the normal price! It's so wonderful to walk on barefoot.


Molly W. said...

Score on the new finds!! And I agree, Lauren is a good shopping partner. :) (and I for one am glad to not have to look at the shadeless lamp any more while skyping) :)

b said...

Gorgeous rug. We need a rug too, but can't decide which color. May be light blue would work....dare we copy?