Friday, October 17, 2008

First LA Visitor: Sara P

Random start to the post: I just realized that my recent visitor, Sara P., and I have known each other for about 20 years, having met in the 6th grade. Holy cow! Her would-be travel companion, Kelly, is another friend I've had for 20 or so years, who, unfortunately, was unable to come due to a pesky pneumonia. (Don't worry Kell, Sara & I tested out lots of places so when you can come, we know just where to go. And we saved a few places to explore for the first time together.)

Sara's visit was fun, filled and fast, catching many of the "must-see" sites along the way, with enough time to enjoy the "must-eats" too.

Day one of exploring included lunch followed by a visit to the Art Institute; a walk up Michigan Ave to Millennium Park to see The Bean (officially "Cloud Gate"); a bus ride further up Michigan Ave to the Hancock Building for cocktails, appetizers & a sunset viewing from one of the best vantage points in the city; ending with a dinner we weren't actually hungry enough for at Cesars' for Mexican food. The day was capped off with a bedtime viewing of The Office online.

SaraP Visit003SaraP Visit010
SaraP Visit011SaraP Visit014
SaraP Visit013
SaraP Visit018
SaraP Visit020SaraP Visit017
SaraP Visit021
SaraP Visit041
SaraP Visit050
SaraP Visit048
SaraP Visit043SaraP Visit046
SaraP Visit054
SaraP Visit060SaraP Visit062
SaraP Visit063
SaraP Visit068

Our second day exploring the city started with breakfast at Ann Sather for their famous cinnamon rolls; followed by a stroll down Miracle Mile (Michigan Ave's famed shopping area where we discovered that most of the "malls" in that area have an average of 7 levels filled mostly with shops that sell very expensive clothing & accessories) & a peek inside the Fourth Presbyterian Church; frustration with the masses crowding the streets who were in town for the Chicago Marathon the following day; lunch at Nordstrom's cafe; a walk around Navy Pier (a place I feel no need to take any future visitors to unless you insist); ending with a dinner at Lou Malnoti's for pizza & dessert.
SaraP Visit071
SaraP Visit077
SaraP Visit081
SaraP Visit085
SaraP Visit100SaraP Visit104
SaraP Visit107SaraP Visit108
SaraP Visit106

Sara left Sunday morning to spend a day/night with family that live in the suburbs, but we couldn't let her leave the city without a quick walk to Wrigley Field.
SaraP Visit112
Thanks for coming to visit, Sar, and being my first LA visitor. Hope you enjoyed Chicago!

PS. Lou Malnati's was the last on my list of pizza places to try and I have reached a verdict on which of the famous four is my favorite. In order of preference...Giordano's, Lou Malnati's, Gino's East & Pizzeria Uno. The quest has ended!


Molly W. said...

Ohhh, lovely! I LOVE that pic of the ferris wheel, its my favorite out of this collection. Fun times.

Sara said...

Thanks for being my photographer and a wonderful tour guide and hostess!! I can't wait to come back and visit again.

Liz said...

I am glad that you have tried out all the pizza places and have come to the correct decision that Giordano's is the best! And, I'm glad that you have beautiful weather for an out of town visitor. It was a great weekend for exploring!

Lauren said...

Great Pictures!!! I like the ferris wheel one too, Molly :)
I hope I can visit soon too!

Ara said...

oh kelly - i love checking your blog and seeing how you are doing with your new adventures.

and your photos, as always, are inspirational.

what a gift.

kellkellnd said...

I still can't believe I missed it. But I'm glad you two had fun. I love the pics.