Thursday, October 09, 2008

An unexpected benefit of taking public trans

Relying on public transportation means being flexible and willing to leave early just in case the stated departure/arrival times don't happen to be accurate on the date & time you are using that particular bus or train. This need for early-departure/flexibility only compounds when one is taking 2+ different buses and/or trains. All this to say, if your expected travel time states it should be 50 minutes, you had better leave 90 minutes before you need to be there. Just in case. Especially if it's work or school you're headed to.

The positive of this system is that it allows you to relax a little if you arrive early. Or in the case of going to work, this means I get to stroll around University of Chicago campus in the south-side neighborhood of Hyde Park. With a good 30 minutes to spare until I had to be at work last Thursday I wandered along 59th street looking at the beautiful English Gothic buildings. I had only my trusty point-and-shoot with me, but here's a little of what I saw.



Molly W. said...

oh la la. Love the "sweden" one, probably b/c it has the word "Sweden" in it. :) Cool.

Sarah S said...

wish that was what the area around my "work" looked like... ;)

Kim said...

Your point and shoot skills make me look like a 1st grader with a playskool camera!