Wednesday, October 08, 2008

All it takes is a sincere question.

In the elevator on my way to a class yesterday afternoon I met up with one of the TA's from an earlier class who asked sincerely, "So how are you doing?" Sometimes that's all it takes to release the pent-up emotion or stress, or in my case, all of the above + tears. A 'C' grade on my first test, a long weekend working with little time to study, combined with my procrastination when I did have snippets of time to study and so feeling unprepared for the school week, and ultimately facing the reality that grad school requires a lot more effort than I ever had to put into school before. Part of me wants to whine about that reality-check as a 5 year old would, and the other part knows I need to buck-up and accept my fate for the next several years. This is my life: school, school, school, study, work, sleep, study, work, stay up late cause I'm too wired from work, sleep late cause I stayed up til 2am, work, REPEAT.

This is when I wish I drank coffee. Instead, I see a case of Red Bull in my future.


Liz said...

Red Bull, gross! Go with Diet Coke. Much tastier.
I still think that you are amazing for going on this journey (C grade on the test and all!).

Abby... the Oregonian said...

i think you have every right to whine like a 5 year old and then get up off you rear and just do it...

this is probably why god didn't have you come to oregon. i would be too much of a distraction. i would be at your house everynight wishing i was living your life...!!!

your going to do great kelly. you are so smart, so good at what you do, and i know this is hard, but soooooooo worth it.

have i told you lately how proud of you i am???

love you, a

Molly W. said...

I agree w/ Abs, you are allowed to whine, it is exhausting and hard. But I know you can do it Kel!! Sending you big Irish hugs!

Michelle said...

I do not think it matters WHAT season of life you are in - there are certain things that never ever end....

dishes, laundry, dirty toilets, grocery shopping. showering ... it is an endless cycle of activity that never actually has an ending.

So - we have to look for EXTRAordinary in the ordinary.

Paint your laundry room purple with white daises, use your china for hot dogs and chips, wear your fancy clothes to go to the car wash .... find a way to bring JOY and BEAUTY into the mundane.

And you already have this gift! Sometimes we just have to be reminded to apply it!

Love ya!

Rama said...

So, I know I'm commenting way late...we've been in Colorado and wasn't checking blogs...You are going to do great, Kell... there is no doubt in my mind. I miss you a lot and love you even more.