Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mini WHS reunion in Chi-town

In the last couple of years there has been a mass exodus of people fleeing LA to Chicago. Ok, perhaps not an exodus per se, but several folks from WHS (my old church group) have coincidentally made their way to the Midwest. And not that I need a grand excuse to have a dinner party, but getting everyone together provided one nonetheless. And though Liz, Jason V & Lehan were unable to come at the last minute, it was great to see Jason D, Dolo, Ron + kiddos.
Olivia was eager to be my photo model. Not shy, that one!
See a few more pics HERE.


coconuts said...

What is WHS? xoxo

Kellyry said...

WHS = My old church group at Lake Ave Church in Pasadena. :-)

Liz said...

Really am so sad that I missed it! It's the one thing I regretted not being able to go to while being away.

Cornelia Gaie said...

I love your pictures, im glad i discovered them :) And yes, Olivia is amazing indeed :) i miss seeing her.

Molly W. said...

Ahh, SO fun! I love those Allchins! (And Olivia never wanted to be my model, always had to beg her!) Looks super fun, wish I could've been there too. xo