Sunday, October 12, 2008

Misc. Sunday

It was a fun-filled weekend with an LA visitor, lots of site-seeing, walking the city (with the blister to prove it) and catching up with my long-time friend Sara. Plenty of pictures to come soon, but I worked tonight and have a busy next few days with classes & tests, which means it will be some time before it's all re-capped here.

In the meantime as I study for tests, I'm curious if any of my helpful readers have tried-&-true study tips they'd like to share with me. As I study I'm finding that some information stays nicely in the memory while other info, no matter how many times I read the same darn flash card, 5 minutes later it's as if I'd never heard of the answer. It can be so frustrating and I'm all out of study techniques (and patience). So what are your tips??


Molly W. said...

Man, when a test was super important (ie finals week) I'd stay up all night at Denny's studying and drinking coffee and I wouldn't sleep until said test was over. That worked well but I'm not sure I'd recommend that now.

Kim said...

Something that helped me when studying greek definitions was to get a funny picture or sentence in my head that related the word to its meaning. For example, I still remember "I tripto (tripped) on my pipto" pipto is the greek word "to fall" Try to relate the word to something else that is funny or absurd. It worked for me! Oh, and PRAY! ;)

jen jen said...

i do love the flash card too ... i'd break them down into groups that were manageable (5-15 depending on the subject) and go through them ... usually while on the treadmill or elliptical. something about doing something else while studying really helped me.

i also did Kim's trick of something funny to help me remember the definition esp when memorizing alot of little details (history or formula).

also with formula's i'd write them 10 times in a row while saying it outloud on a white board ... this was also most effective.

Jeremy said...

mnemonic devices for the flash card stuff worked great for me when it came to lists. Saying things out loud works tremendously.

Never highlight a textbook. I got that from "where there's a will, there's an A" :)