Thursday, February 15, 2007


I HEART my niece Bailey.

She's funny and sweet and intelligent and loyal and caring. She's also a super-star on the soccer field. Because her school backs up to my office, she'll often come by in the morning before school to say Hi. We have this little thing where as she leaves I hug her and wish her "a SPLENDID day!" She then wishes me a "SUPERB day!" in response. It's an aunt/niece thing. :-)

(Ok, fine, it's because one morning I was quizzing her for a spelling test and to help her remember the definition of the word splendid, which included the use of the word superb, we started doing that. Suffice to say she now remembers both words and their meaning. Go Bailey!)

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Anonymous said...

Hello my beautiful talented Cousin! I am so lookin forward to reading your blog! I miss you so, and feel like this is the best way I can feel closer to you, since we rarely get to chat! Thanks for including my in your blog listing and can't wait to hear more...Luv you Cousin!
Summer =)