Saturday, February 17, 2007

Lock Up Your Daughters!

"I am SOOOO glad to see you, Kelly!"

These are the words that greeted me, as little arms gripped my neck and squeezed tight the other night (after the little body raced toward me and jumped in my arms). These are from none other than my precious and adorably cuddly nephew, Lance. Is there anything better than squeeze hugs and words expressing such delight? Very few things, in my opinion.

Lance is a bundle of energy and just about the sweetest thing to walk the planet. He's also VERY sneaky and knows just how to twist you around his little finger, all the while making you feel like his most favorite person in the world. And he does it all with this charming grin that will one day have women swooning. He should wear this as a warning:

I HEART Lance!

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