Wednesday, February 28, 2007

'Ol 4-Eyes!

I was one of those people who always wished that I had to wear glasses. I remember one time, in junior high maybe, that my mom got me fake glasses. I LOVED them, but I didn't wear them often because I thought it was kind of lame to wear glasses for no reason, especially when people would ask if they were real or fake and I had to fess up to them being fake and acknowledge that I just thought they looked cute. But I wished I needed them. But I didn't. My eyesight was just fine.

About 8 years ago I went for an eye exam and Oh! What a fun day when the eye doctor said that due to my increased computer useage, I could really use some computer/reading glasses. I was so excited! I confess I ended up wearing them around more than I needed to. Last year I had to get new lenses--still only for computer use, but a little stronger--so of course that meant new, cuter frames. Those glasses disappeared somewhere in my office several months ago and I just got around to replacing them yesterday.

You can call me 4-eyes. I won't be offended.


DeniseMarie said...

This brings to mind a song by Rhett Miller that goes, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm in love with a four-eyed girl!" Cute!

Kellyry said...

Does my nose always look this big or is a result of the camera phone that took this picture?