Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Visitors: Denise, Matt (& Diane)

Despite the making of new friends in my new hometown, there is just nothing like long-time friends with whom you can relax in an entirely different way. Denise & Matt's visit to my new home town and a weekend spent in the Illinois "countryside" with Denise's mom & extended famil was just what I needed to gear up for my last week of spring semester and finals (which, by the way, are all over and I have off from school for the next few weeks!).

Here is a peek at our time together, which included Chicago sightseeing, piano-playing with Grandpa Fred, a visit to the famous Rochelle, IL train park and family togetherness.
(See more in a slideshow HERE.)


DeniseMarie said...

I'm so glad you were there and got to meet him. Thank you, thank you, thank you. My happiness at having these pictures of my grandpa far outweighs the usual distaste of seeing photos of myself. :) You're the best.

Molly W. said...

Ah, fun! I LOVE the pic of you and Denise, lovely ladies!

Anonymous said...

Ah Kelly - You truly touched my heart and the hearts of my sister and brother. Thank you so much for giving us your time and gift of photography. You truly are THE BEST and there are no words to adequately express our gratitude. Love you, Diane C