Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Second Shooting

For several months now I've been playing email tag with a local wedding photographer about the possibility of working for her as a second shooter. Between my crazy work and school schedule and her schedule, we've been unable to meet and discuss this. When it turned out I didn't have to work today I called to see if by chance she was free to meet up tonight and she was. We decided on the meeting time and location and she said to bring my portfolio. And then I remembered.

ACK! I don't have a portfolio!

A quick run to Target for 1-Hour prints, an album, black paper and sticky squares and now I've got a poor-man's portfolio. The hardest part was choosing which photos to include that showed mostly wedding related images, but some versatility as well. Now that I have something I imagine I'm going to re-do it before too long.


Sarah S said...

congrats friend! amazing foot work!

Kristin said...

The portfolio looks amazing! Sometimes things done on the fly turn out better than expected. I think it looks great! I hope your meeting went well. :-)

Molly W. said...

Way to bust it and get the job done Kells! I think it looks great!! How'd the meeting go? (and I'm so flattered to see myself in there, you took some great pics for us thats fo sho!). Love you. xo

grannybabs said...

I am impressed!!