Friday, May 15, 2009

In search of an adventure: Utica, IL

When I didn't get called in to work yesterday, the blue skies and beautiful spring weather beckoned for a spontaneous adventure. My friend (and fellow classmate) Cait was up for a little road trip as well so we decided to do some wine tasting out in Utica, in north-central Illinois. We soon discovered that all of the grapes are actually grown in southern Illinois so we ended up at storefronts that do the tastings instead. Despite the lack of vineyard exploration, it was fun to taste some great wines, soak in the beautiful sunshine and get out of the city. Just perfect for an adventure.


Sarah S said...

man! you are soo spontaneous!!!

Molly W. said...

Ah, FUN friend! I'm so glad you got away for a bit and had a friend join you! Looks super fab. (and its always nice to see your face :))

grannybabs said...

Nice photos! Everything is so green!

mP said...

nice hat.