Sunday, March 04, 2007

Weekend with Audrey

My little girl is just so sweet. She's taking quite well to real food, especially Bran's "Indian Guacamole" (pureed peas, avocado & curry powder), and drinks like a fish (water, that is). She's just learned to roll over, from stomach to back, and is thrilled with herself when she makes her jumpy-exersaucer-seat-thingy bounce up and down. Ah, to be 7 months old and so easily pleased! And she's got little teeth coming in (much to her discomfort and pain).

Thanks Audrey, Bran & Mike for my little weekend away, the freedom to study and some tasty enchiladas & oat bran pancakes. :-)

PS. More pics to the left at "Photos of me & others" (album: Weekend with Audrey)

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Sarah Scheidler said...

She's just darling! What a cute picture with green food on her face... FRIEND! Sorry we haven't talked recently... thinking of you...